Air Purifiers

I moved into a new apartment a few weeks ago and noticed that it’s really dusty. I also hadn’t been sleeping so well, usually waking up with a stuffy nose. Maybe the air quality in here isn’t so good?

I started looking into air purifiers and they are EXPENSIVE! Like, $300 expensive, for a good one… in terms of price, the floor seems be at $150. Oof. So, can you make your own air purifier for cheaper?

What I found on the web:

What I did

  • I ended up going over to Home Depot and buying
    • 20” Box fan ($20) link
    • 20” x 20” x 1” HVAC Air filter ($20) link
    • And a roll of duct tape
  • Then I taped the filter over the front of the fan very carefully. You need to make sure it’s really airtight all around; Because the fan’s corners are rounded and the filters’ corners aren’t, I went over the fan corners first, leaving a gap near the fan body, then came back and did another layer of tape on each corner to seal it well.
  • I added a fan shroud on the back with just duct tape
  • I ran it all night with the fan on high and I really do think I slept better! I’m going to keep using it.